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Where is your Career headed?

The saying that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail is particularly true for your career.

Announcing: Career Mapping for Climbing Managers – Planning Your Career on Purpose book is now available at Amazon: Link to Amazon.

This book has been described as:

“excellent book with loads of practical, down to earth advice and direction you’ll want to use to take action planning your future”

“an awesome tool for anyone looking to be proactive in plotting their professional path. It provides concrete tools to use it identifying and hitting the milestones that matter most”

“an easy read and a very helpful resource!”

Do you know where your career is going or how to get there? Do you have a plan that will get you there?

Are you looking for a promotion? More responsibilities? Great projects or just more income?

In order for each of us to love what we do, we have to pay attention to and plan our careers. Taking responsibility for our career is key to an ever growing and exciting career path versus a huge disappointment down the road.

Career Mapping is laid out step-by-step in a simple to follow format with plenty of insight and examples along the way. Once you buy this book you will have a great plan of action for your career. You’ll know what to do, how to get there AND that plan will also be validated with the people that can make the decision on your next promotion!

Get your copy today and put yourself in the drivers seat on your career.

If you're ready to know the number one secret to inspire you to step into who you're meant to be contact me for a complimentary career strategy consultation. When you sign up for a consultation, you receive a FREE copy of my eWorkbook “Should I stay or Should I Go?”

Dorothy Tannahill Moran

Dorothy Tannahill Moran
Leadership & Career Change Agent

Let Dorothy Tannahill Moran Help YOU
Build the Skills you need to achieve your goals:

Body language – increase your emotional intelligence which accounts for 70-80% of your success over technical skills

Growth & leadership strategies – not conceptual information but practical application to your immediate situation & creating readiness for that next, higher level

Change technologies – success is all about your ability to solve problems by making change – real change, the kind that makes a difference to the business, that sticks and people embrace. Learn the skills that will make you the corporate rock star.

Effective, positive politics – Politics exists anytime you get more than two people together. Learn to “read” the system and how to work the system to your advantage without body count.

Authentic self-promotion – Self promotion doesn’t have to be tasteless in order to be effective. Learn to promote your brand and your agenda as part of your growth strategy.

Relationship effectiveness – as a leader your job is to get work done, with and through others. To do that well, you need to manage the relationship not just the person.

Introvert adaptation strategies – Because you’re an introvert in an extrovert culture, you need adaptation strategies to help you achieve your full potential without compromising your values.