“Stop Being Ignored Professionally!”

“Stop Being Ignored Professionally!”

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CAREER ADVICE: The boss’s “pet” has to check my work. This makes me mad but what should I do?

I have an issue. I am a very hard worker and highly productive. My peer does not get as point the fingermuch done but she if very best friends with our boss and she is her Administrative Assistant although she shouldn’t be because she is a project manager as am I. My boss just loves her, feels for her and her position on anything. I was actively getting work done this week when my boss sent me e-mail and told me I need to run everything I do past her AND MY PEER. I was so mad I started to cry although I was at home she didn’t see that. I don’t know what to do. My peer doesn’t tell me what she is doing. For that matter I don’t even know much of what she accomplishes. I didn’t even make a mistake that would cause any issues either. I do believe my peer is pumping her up against me to say I’m doing things without their consideration and such. This peer caused the person before me so much grief he packed up and took a job across the other side of the country. I don’t know what I should do at this point. I don’t want to run everything I do past my PEER. What would you suggest that I do? I would really appreciate your advice.
Thank you so much,

Hi –S-, thanks for writing me. There are a few layers to what your issue is to address, so I’ll start laying them out.

– Clearly, your peer has made herself a valuable asset to the boss. One of the things she has learned is that by communicating with the boss and being alert to what’s important to the boss, she has earned the bosses trust and confidence. It may seem underhanded or being a “suck up” but it really isn’t. Among the priorities of those in charge is that their employees perform to the expectations of the job and then after that, is that they go beyond that. Ideally an employee should fully communicate and to anticipate how to react to the demand of the business and the big bosses. I know it doesn’t seem like it at the moment, but there are things for you to learn from the dynamic going on between your peer and the boss. Another way of describing this is self-promotion. It’s not a skill we’re taught and in fact, we’re taught to be humble so it can go against the grain. I think of it like this: If you don’t promote yourself, who will? You are the only person who has your interests in mind 24×7 so this is a skill you need to learn.

– From what you’ve said it sounds like you are a hard worker and perform well. You may also be a person who believes that great performance will speak for itself. In fact, it won’t. Too many people think the boss knows everything we do and how well we do it. Most of the time, that isn’t the case. Managers have to go through extra efforts to unearth what and how their employees perform. You can make it easier if you are the one forth coming with that information. As well, when you are going to them with the information, you can frame it better than if they or someone else (like your peer) gets it to them.

– We do all really hate it when our work has to be checked so I totally understand your strong reaction. Right now, that is your reality so let’s outline some things you can do. Your first course of action is to go back to the boss and seek out some information. 1- You need to understand what has occurred that has driven their desire to double-check your work. In other words, you need to have a performance conversation – what were their expectations of you versus what results you obtained. Once you have that base line, you need to keep it refreshed. 2- You need to find out the scope of this request. In other words, are there specific things they want to see before completion or everything? How do they want to receive it? email, print, personal review? 3- How long will they want to continue doing this? 4- Once they have your work for review, will they give you feedback? Once you have all these details clear, write all of this down and email it to them to ensure your understanding of the request is clear before you begin.

– Since it sounds like you are unaware of what your peer is doing, I suggest setting up time to regularly meet so you can both communicate/update each other. Sit down with your peer and make the request.

– I think your best offensive act is to really increase two-way communication with both of these two people. It sounds like it developed because your peer did communicate liberally and that has become the standard. Communication and setting expectations with each other on an ongoing basis are something that is usually in short supply and is at the heart most work place conflict. Since you are a good performer, you should be able to increase your communication easily.

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