Bad Boss Story?

Sooner or later we all “get” a bad boss. Some are worse than others but no matter how bad they are, they can make our work-life fearmiserable.


I’m collecting bad boss stories and I’d like to hear yours. In order to tell me your story, you have two ways to do this. 1- simply submit your story in the comment box below. I ask that you edit out profanity as this becomes public – if you want to *bleep* I think we’ll get the drift, also no names of the bad boss please – I don’t want someone coming after me, after all they’re BAD! Or 2- I’ve got a link to a submission page that will keep you and your Bad Boss story private.


And then what?


I’m going to publish them; I think they’ll be entertaining. Of course, I will protect the innocent story tellers in the process. I hear a lot of Bad Boss stories and trust me; some of them are so outrageous that they need to be heard by you.


So, give it shot. What’s your story?


Link to give me your story and keep it private: