Jobs in High Demand in 2013

In 2013, it does not come as a surprise to us that if you ask about the jobs which will be in demand, most of themjobs-high-in-demand will comprise careers from the technology industry. After all, computers have developed more and more uses for us and because of that, this creates more opportunities in almost all aspects of business–marketing, finance, manufacturing, merchandising and even in health care. In fact, most CEOs admit that there has never been a bigger demand for specialists who are gems in their field.

This is why, in 2013, the top jobs are the following:

1. Human Resource Specialists – Assessing the applicants companies hire is very crucial nowadays. The labor market is getting more competitive, and what’s more, labor/ work arrangements are now more flexible too. There are also telecommuting, freelance consulting and other professional services.

2. Marketing Specialists – This field includes public relation, marketing and advertising jobs. Sometimes, even the jobs in the once creative field also get entrenched in this category such as Branding. Why, there are just so many new brands coming up and even the most established ones are feeling the pinch too.

3. Mechanical Engineers – Incorporate physics, design, analyses and maintenance for all machines and mechanical systems. Quite a tough job eh? This is why mechanical engineers will never run out of opportunities until perhaps even decades after 2013.

4. Accountants – With more businesses coming in and more complex cash processes being practiced, accountants (auditors,included) are badly needed for proper financial tracking. They’re very useful in tracking and managing expenses, cash flow and taxation.

5. Application and Software Programmers – There’s absolutely no doubt to this: the world is going mobile. And, as evidenced by our newest gadgets peeling off the shelves every time a new model comes around, mobile software and application developers are going full time starting now.

6. Network Security Analysts – Because most data are currently transmitted through networks (also, we are trying to protect our forests), network security is of the essence. So if you like computers and fancy playing Nancy Drew once in a while, this might be a great foolproof 2013 job for you.

7. Event Organizers – The market for events just got bigger. Today, even once-smalltime events like baby showers, small brand launches and proposals maker for great productions! Couple this with the fact that brands are also now coming up with fresher ways to delight their audiences. In this stress-rich, easy-money and frequent baby industry, event planning surely make for a lucrative job.

Now that you’ve read a number of job options, you can already plan your career path or start modifying your scheme if necessary. Surely, skills that you already have (and have honed) appear in at least 2 of this neat list. Good luck in your career planning, and always remember to maintain an excellent and updated portfolio!

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