Top 10 Career Development Goals for 2011

It’s that time of year.  The time when we think of a new, fresh year and about those things we would like to do.  Some call it “New Year’s Resolutions”.  Whatever you might call it, goal setting is something you should do for yourself regularly just like a health check up. If you’re looking for a boost in your career you might want to take this list of goals and create an action plan to make some or all of these things happen.

1-     Identify where you want your career to be in 2-3 years.  Of course you might change course but for now, have a destination in mind so you know what you are heading for.

2-     Identify one step you can take this year that will move you toward your long term goal.  Once you have that step identified, put together a plan for how you will make it happen.  Monitor your progress weekly – keep it upper most in your mind.

3-     Communicate better and more frequently with the boss.  Even if you have a dream boss, you can always improve your relationship with them.  The way to relationship improvement is by good communication – early and often.

4-     Find a role model mentor.  A mentor can be one of the best things you can do to help you obtain your career goals. A mentor can offer objective feedback about your behavior, guidance on your actions and impose their influence for you.  You can’t go wrong with a mentor.

5-     Master something new.  Growth is what you and your career are all about.  Growth only comes from learning something new.  If you master it, people will seek you out for your expertise making you a recognized expert. Very good for your career.

6-     Take responsibility for something everyone else is avoiding.  When a person takes responsibility it is displaying a form of leadership.  It can set you up for getting more and more assignments and who knows what that might lead to. This is especially true when you solve a problem no one wants to tackle.

7-     Add value to one thing.  Even if the boss says do something, look for a way to make it even better than requested.  Exceed expectations on one thing this month.

8-     Network and get to know others.  We all hear about networking to get jobs but if you network where you work only good things will happen.  You not only make new friends but can become aware of information about new opportunities or things that will help you at work.

9-     Find an opportunity to speak to the CEO.  When you do, share industry information that they might find useful or let them know how well your department is doing.  The boss will love getting bragged on to the CEO.

10-  Turn the department bully into an ally.  Most groups have one.  They know a lot of things and have a personality defect as well.  These people are hard to love but good to have in your corner.  Spend time getting to know them; they’ll appreciate the effort even if they don’t say so.

In order to have a great career, it doesn’t take huge efforts but it does take thinking, planning and deliberate action.

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is a Career Coach and expert on helping her clients achieve their goals.  Her programs cover: Career growth and enhancement, Career Change, Retirement Alternatives and Job Search Strategy.  Want to discover specific career change strategies that get results?  Discover how by claiming your FREE gift, Career Makeover Toolkit at:



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